Discovery Borovoe
встретить новый год в боровом

MEGA Giveaway from Discovery Borovoe

On November 17th of 2015 we announced our third giveaway from Discovery Borovoe. It is held on Discovery Borovoe’s official Instagram account.

To participate, you must be 18 years old or older, have your Instagram account of non-marketing nature with your real photos.

The rules are simple as usual:

  1. Be our follower.
  2. Repost the picture of our giveaway.
  3. Mention the link to our account and a unique hashtag of the giveaway.
  4. Make sure your account can be viewed by other users, not just your friends.
  5. Check whether all of the terms are fulfilled.

Results will be announced on November 30th.

During our live feed on our YouTube channel we will select 16 people and only one of them will receive the grand prize –3-night New Year tour to Borovoe for 2 persons. The rest of the 15 participants will receive gifts that will be revealed on the drawing day!

To participate in our MEGA Giveaway, go to our account and follow the rules carefully!