Discovery Borovoe


MEGA Giveaway from Discovery Borovoe

встретить новый год в боровом
Receive the grand prize –3-night New Year tour to Borovoe for 2 persons!

Giveaway: Children’s ticket to Borovoe. The report

детский лагерь в Боровом
On July 14th, in honor of having generated the first thousand subscribers of our page VKontakte, we decided to present a 10-night stay voucher and announced a Giveaway among our friends. The rules of participation were simple:

The results of the first Voucher for 2 Giveaway

отдых в Боровом
On April 14th of 2014 we had the results of our first Voucher for 2 to “Discovery-Borovoe” Giveaway that was held on our page in Odnoklassniki. 176 applications were accepted to participate. The drawing was held...

Giveaway: A Travel voucher for 2!

подарок на юбилей
A spring gift from Discovery Borovoe – a voucher for 2 persons for 2 nights! Don’t lose your chance to win!

Spring break in Borovoe

Весенние каникулы в Боровом
Every parent encounters a problem of arranging a full-fledged recreation for their children during their spring break! And it has a simple explanation: child’s body needs a good rest and it needs to build up strength before yearly academic performance assessment starts…

Meeting of “Successful applicant School” of the Ural Federal University

детский лагерь в боровом
The Ural Federal University named after B.N. Yeltsin, the first President of Russia (UrFU), is one of the largest universities of Russia; it is organizing a spring break camp from March 24th through March 28th of 2014 for students of Kazakhstan Republic, 9th - 11th graders – it is called international off-premise “Successful applicant School”.