Discovery Borovoe

Recreation for Children in Borovoe

Discovery Borovoe Children's Camp invites children from 7 to 16 years old (inclusive) for the summer holidays of 2021 (In 2020, Discovery Borovoe functions as a resort hotel for family holidays) to plunge into the atmosphere of celebration and adventure! Discovery Borovoe loves children, therefore, during the holidays, it focuses on children's recreation, organizing large arrivals of children, a pedagogical and entertainment program.

Your child's rest time will be scheduled in minutes:

  • themed holidays;
  • educational activities in a playful way;
  • hobby groups;
  • sports.

The work with children is carried out by qualified counselors with a pedagogical education.


Center equipment:

  • 4 modern residential buildings with showers in each room;
  • indoor pool with three bowls of different depths;
  • play attic;
  • modern medical building;
  • rope park, trolley track;
  • football field;
  • Volleyball Court;
  • table tennis.


  • a voucher – accommodation in a camp for 1 child;
  • teaching program;
  • 5 meals a day;
  • swimming pool pass;
  • ropes course;
  • transfer: train station of Shchuchinsk – Discovery Borovoe - train station of Shchuchinsk. 


  • round trip fare;
  • insurance;
  • photos;
  • packed meals.


  • Overview excursion in Borovoe. Time is allocated in the schedule of each stay but this trip is optional, paid on the spot.
  • Imaging merchandise (T-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, souvenirs).
  • Bar services (alcohol-free).
  • Bicycle rentals in free time.

Ages of children for camp recreation – between 7 and 16 years old

Admission of children is permitted if the following documents are presented: approved travel voucher, or a stamped list, Certificate 079U (health form for children that leave for a camp), certificate of epidemic clearance (proof of no contact with infected people).


  • Admission of children is permitted if the following documents are presented: approved travel voucher, or a stamped list, Certificate 079U (health form for children that leave for a camp), certificate of epidemic clearance (proof of no contact with infected people).
  • Sufficient amount of underwear, socks, change of t-shirts for every day, pajamas, handkerchiefs.
  • Swimwear, rubber slippers and swim cap;
  • Personal care products (shower gel, shampoo, washcloth, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, chapstick and so on), hairbrush;
  • Sports suit, sneakers;
  • Warm clothes: sweatshirt, windbreaker with a hood, boots;
  • Dress clothes and dress shoes for discotheque and night entertainment programs, clothes hangers (1-2 - optional)
  • Favorite daily clothing (including house footwear);
  • For summer stay it is required to have 1-2 white T-shirts (for game and event participation);
  • (if you have them at home) bring theatrical accessories, bright clothing that you don’t wear to make costumes;
  • Shatterproof cup or several plastic cups for beverages that you can use in the room.


Cellular phone and battery charger, CD player, guitar and so on.

We strongly recommend that you don’t bring PSP and expensive gadgets to the Center.

The Contractor, superintendent and camp counselors are not responsible for safety of your personal belongings.

For younger children we recommend to bring just a simple cellular phone to keep in touch with their parents.

Valuable items, according to the rules of staying in Discovery Borovoe (such as cellular phone, photo camera, money and so on) are stored in special safety boxes (strictly in accordance with the registration list, with indication of first and last name of the guest, and an inventory of the items to store) and handed to a counselor of a particular group.


To bring to the center and give your children any salads, dairy and meats, perishable foods, vegetables including watermelons, honeydews, sunflower seeds, sushi, coffee.

To give medication to bring with them. All the necessary first aid kit supplies are available in the medical center; any ailments must be reported to the counselor or the curator.


Child’s clothing should be packed into one, easy to transport suitcase or a bag (best option – suitcase on wheels). Clothes and food must be stored in separate bags (water bottle, handkerchief, for your child’s motion sickness – mint candy or children’s pills).

For younger children bags and suitcases must be marked on the outside (you can attach a pin or charms for a child to recognize it without effort). Before sending off a child, parents must go over the contents of the luggage; we recommend making a list of items together with the child and put it in the suitcase.  All the items must be familiar to the child or they must be marked.


Electronic system of storage of funds is available for purchases of imaging items, photos and payment for excursions and it operates throughout the territory of Health and Entertainment Center Discovery Borovoe. There is an option of issuing a special individual card for every child, and later its user will be able to replenish it with funds and pay for services by card. The cost of the card is 150 tenge. If the plastic card gets lost, it can be replaced without loss of funds by paying only 150 tenge for issuing a new card. Nobody but the cardholder can withdraw funds or complete a purchase with this individual card, which guarantees security of child’s funds, if they are stored on the card of Discovery Borovoe. Upon leaving Discovery Borovoe a child can withdraw the remaining amount of money or keep it on the card till his next visit to the center. Child’s card can also be replenished remotely.

These rules were developed by the administration of Health and Recreation Center Discovery-Borovoe and are aimed at preserving life and health of guests, providing their safety, and also bearing the responsibility for life and safety of children entrusted to the administration and counselling staff of Discovery-Borovoe.

  1. General rules

1.1. Guests must follow provisions of the Constitution of Kazakhstan Republic, the Conventions on the Rights of the Child.

  1. Organizational rules

2.1. Parents or the accompanying party are prohibited from living or staying on the territory of Discovery-Borovoe.

2.2. Upon arrival and official handover of the guests to Discovery-Borovoe, the accompanying party proceeds to their own place of accommodation that has been arranged in advance (in sanatorium of Borovoe Resort, in a hotel or on a privately owned property in Borovoe or Shchuchinsk) 

2.3. The accompanying parties must bring guests to the station Resort Borovoe and accompany them to Discovery-Borovoe.

2.4. Admission of guests is permitted if the following documents are present: approved travel voucher, or a stamped list, Certificate 079U (health form for children that leave for a camp), certificate of epidemic clearance (proof of no contact with infected people).  

2.5. If it is detected that a guest does not have all the necessary documentation (or it mismatches the contents), if he/she is seriously sick or has a bacterial disease that can be transmitted to other children upon contact, the group attendant accepts full responsibility (including bringing the child back home).

2.6. Valuable items (such as cellular phone, photo camera, money and so on) are stored in special safety boxes (strictly in accordance with the registration list, with indication of first and last name of the guest, and an inventory of the items to store) and handed to a counselor of a particular group. If this term is not adhered to, the administration is not responsible for any losses.

2.7. Meeting between parents, or an accompanying party with guests is held between the hours of 18.00 and 21.00 in the gazebo outside Discovery-Borovoe territory.

2.8. Admission and acceptance of guests by an accompanying party is accomplished only after signing the Certificate of Acceptance of children; the accompanying party must present an identification card and a power of attorney from a client in the name of the accompanying person.

2.9. Admission of guests into the camp is accomplished on the day of arrival, starting from 8.00 o’clock; guest’s check-out is on the day of departure, before 21.00 o’clock. There will be no recalculation of the cost of the voucher if the approved terms of arrival and departure from Discovery-Borovoe are not observed.

2.10. Handover of guests to their parents is carried out after signing the acknowledgement form, if the handover is temporary, or filling out an application if the handover is final (early departure).

2.11. In case of an early departure of the guest at his own will, there will be no recalculation of costs of the voucher.

2.12. The administration has the right to award outstanding guests by presenting them with diplomas, gifts, giving discounts for future stays.

2.13. Upon arrival and settling in assigned buildings, all the guests are separated into squads according to their age and sex.

  1. Rules of personal hygiene

3.1. Bed linen is changed once every 5 days.

3.2. Each room accommodates 6 people.

3.3. Each room is equipped with 6 beds, a nightstand, a wardrobe, bed linen, a shower and a toilet, a sink and a mirror, 24-hour hot and cold water access. 

3.4. Cleaning of rooms and areas is performed at least twice a day.

  1. Internal regulations

4.1. Following daily routine.

4.2. Meals are served at least 4 times a day (breakfast, lunch, supper and dinner).

4.3. Swimming in open waters (in the lake) is allowed with the consent of medical personnel, and only in presence of a medical worker, sports instructor, member of the administration and a lifeguard.

  1. Rules of conduct




You must be careful when using the facilities of Discovery-Borovoe.

5.1. Absolutely prohibited in Discovery-Borovoe:

5.1.1. It is prohibited to keep, consume, distribute alcoholic beverages, narcotics and psychotropic substances, sharp and cutting objects, weapon; also prohibited smoking, using foul language, escaping from the territory, obtaining food from outside the Discovery-Borovoe, unauthorized swimming in the pool or open waters of the resort.

5.1.2. Disobey the orders of director, counselors, doctor while in the bus, cafeteria, swimming pool, main building and other areas of Discovery-Borovoe.

5.1.3. To leave your group during walking tours and entertainment programs without attendant’s consent.

5.1.4. Violate internal regulations.

5.1.5. To stay outside your cabin after night curfew, make noise after curfew or during resting hours.

5.1.6. To cause moral or physical damage to other children, to insult, humiliate, use foul language, to harm peers, counselors or employees of Discovery-Borovoe.

5.1.7. To involve in extortion, threats, theft, violate fire safety rules, participate in any form of gambling.

5.1.8. For violation of articles 5.1.1., 5.1.6 and 5.1.7. the administration of Discovery-Borovoe reserves the right to annul the contract on providing services in arranging recreation (without reimbursement of the cost of the voucher) and refuse any further stay in Discovery-Borovoe, and immediately notify the parents and the travel agency. If there are any damages done to Discovery-Borovoe, the administration has the right to demand full compensation for the damages.

5.1.9. If a guest is dismissed from Discovery-Borovoe for violating the Rules of stay, the firm, as well as the accompanying party, takes full responsibility for removal and delivery of a guest to his home.

5.2. It is prohibited to bring to Discovery-Borovoe and possess the following:

5.2.1. Weapons of any kind, including gas, cold weapon, flammable and explosive substances, knives and sharp objects, but excluding personal hygiene items. The administration of Discovery-Borovoe reserves the right to confiscate the items that pose danger to the public.

5.2.2. Items of self-defense (stun guns, tear gas, batons and other), pyrotechnic items (petards, rackets). 

5.2.3. Perishable products, cigarettes, lighters, matches, any types of alcohol and narcotics.

5.2.4. High-potency medication. If it absolutely has to be taken, medication has to be passed to the doctor who shall control its intake.

Any attempt to obtain (buy) aforementioned prohibited items and their detection in child’s possession in HRC shall be considered an infringement of rules of conduct. In this case the administration of the camp reserves the right to take measures commensurate with the situation. If prohibited items are detected, they shall be confiscated and destroyed.

ATTENTION! Your Child’s admission to Discovery-Borovoe is considered an Agreement of a Child and his Parents to follow the rules established by Discovery-Borovoe. If the administration or counselors of Discovery-Borovoe notice violation of the Rules of Conduct by the Child, a phone call to the Parents shall be made immediately (telephone numbers are indicated in the voucher). If violations of Rules of Conduct established by Discovery-Borovoe are serious and repetitive, there shall be a deportation of the Child from Discovery-Borovoe at Parents’ expense and no reimbursement for a reduced duration of stay in Discovery-Borovoe shall be issued.

  Representatives Contacts


Demenev Aleksandr Kuzmich

8 (7172) 21 69 39

8 701 317 17 81


Тур.фирма «Meridian»

8 (7212) 42 63 32


Mahaeva Kalamkas Seydahmetovna

8 (7212) 73 44 15,

8 701 552 90 74


Shorohov Andrey Georgievich

8 776 892 36 88

8 747 263 68 19


Тур.фирма «Pavlodar Turist»

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8 (7182) 56 19 86


Тур.фирма «Progress»

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Baranovskaya Elena Nikolaevna

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Shorohov Andrey Georgievich

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8 747 263 68 19

8 (7213) 91 60 77


Sheveleva Valentina Nikolaevna

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Тур.фирма «KRUIZ»

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Тур.фирма «Oralintur»

8 (7112) 51-56-00


ТОО "ДОЦ "Әлем"

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